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"Our goal is to get you immediate protection, offer you a fresh start, and ensure peace of mind"

Bankruptcy = Solution!

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      Bankruptcy is nothing more than a responsible and legal way to get back on your feet after financial problems have taken you down.

     Many companies want you to think that bankruptcy may only create more problems, cause loss of property (Your home, vehicles, etc.), your credit will be damaged, and that you could end up in jail.  The TRUTH is that bankruptcy actually is the right way to get rid of debt that has gotten out of control due to illness, divorce and/or unemployment. 

     Since bankruptcy can only be filed in a Federal Court, you will be protected by the federal bankruptcy laws which were enacted by Congress to give debtors a financial "fresh start" from burdensome debts.   

Have you tried...

  • Debt Consolidation?
  • Loan Modifications?
  • Personal/Signature/Title Loans or Payday Loans?
  • Credit Counseling?

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But either you didn't qualify, got into more debt or it simply didn't work.

Bankruptcy laws were created to help hard-working people like you keep what you have worked so hard for such as your home or vehicle; bankruptcy also gives you that PEACE OF MIND you need, knowing that you are protecting your home and vehicle, but most importantly GETTING RID of the WORRIES, STRESS and the HARASSMENT that comes from dealing with economic problems.

If you tried the options above let us show you how bankruptcy may work for you.

We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy code. If you need help with your financial life, that's what we're here for. Our bankruptcy law firm has been helping people with their bills since 1983 and we have helped more than 29,000 clients. Our bankruptcy  lawyers and support staff are up-to-date with current bankruptcy laws and can help you understand your rights and how to take advantage of them.

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Why is Bankruptcy Better?

Because unlike the options above, bankruptcy may...

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  • Stop Creditors from harassing YOU.
  • Stop Lawsuits.
  • Avoid Foreclosure.
  • Avoid Repossession.
  • Eliminate credit card debt, medical bills and personal loans
  • Eliminate Payday loans


We are here to help you!
No need to be stressed by your debt.  There is a solution.
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